Wood Decking

Restoration & Preservation

The most beautifully designed and constructed wood deck is of no value if it is not properly preserved and cared for. Too many homeowners invest precious time and money building their dream deck and then sadly watch them deteriorate from neglect or improper treatment. Without proper care, today’s wood decks will deteriorate in just a few years.

Pro WoodCare can properly protect and enhance your wood deck’s beauty. Our certified technicians will renew your wood deck and protect it from the damaging effects of sunlight, fungus, and moisture giving it a brand new look.

Low Pressure Cleaning & Preservation Can Extend the Life of Your Deck

Wood Deck restoration Process

step 1 / Free Estimate & Evaluation

A Pro WoodCare representative will provide you a no cost evaluation of your wood deck needs with a free estimate of our unsurpassed restoration and preservation process.

step 2 / Cleaning/Stripping

A team of certified wood restoration technicians will clean and strip your wood deck of any failing finish, mildew, fungus or weathered wood fibers. This is done with various detergents, strippers and low pressure cleaning equipment-using environmentally safe techniques to insure the best for your deck and everything around it.

step 3 / Brightening

Once cleaned, we will apply a special brightening detergent, which will return your decks original beauty and prepare the woods surface for finishing.

step 4 / Buffing/Sanding

Our technicians will buff and sand your deck to remove any raised wood fibers, residual finish or impurities -paying special attention to all handrails and benches.

step 5 / Site Preparation

Prior to staining and sealing your deck we will protect your home, patios, walkways and vegetation with hoses and/or tarps.

step 6 / Staining and Sealing

Our technicians will stain and seal your deck with the #1 rated commercial treatment available today. This penetrating oil based treatment will prevent wood rot, eliminate unsightly weathering, stop UV damage, restore a rich attractive look and prevent fungus growth.

Option Wood Deck Carpentry Services

Pro WoodCare’s experienced carpentry team can repair and / or replace severely deteriorated or sub-standard sections or your deck prior to finishing. They can replace railing systems, or even re-deck the entire deck often using the underlying support structure. If you are considering an extension or addition to your wood deck they can construct them as well. Has your deck sunk or pulled away from the house? Our expert carpenters can reattach and secure your deck from unsafe conditions.

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“Thank you. Our deck was built in 1996. It is still intact and looks great thanks to your regular treatments. People are amazed it looks new.”

– Laura K.
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